bio2Hi, I’m Andrea.  Welcome to Squareview Studios.

In this world full of digital communication, I truly love the idea of designing items whose sole purpose is to bring family & friends closer together.  Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a hand written note or cute party invitation in your mailbox. The initial excitement of seeing that envelope among all the bills and fliers, the anticipation you feel as you’re thinking “what could this be?” as you open the envelope, and the joy you feel as you read the invitation details, heartfelt thank-you, or the holiday greetings. Nothing beats it! Squareview Studios in on a mission to promote paper correspondence – one stationery or stamp design at a time.

A little about myself

I’m a devoted paper enthusiast with a passion for typography and a love for wonderful design. I have a background in the arts and have been passionate about design since childhood but let the passion fade from my everyday life once I graduated from college and started living in the “real world”. Luckily for me, I rediscovered my joy for all things crafty, handmade and beautiful during the planning of my 2011 wedding.

I thoroughly enjoyed every step of designing the day and I soon realized that I wanted to keep my creative juices flowing long after we got hitched. So I started a blog called Squareview Studios in January 2012 and opened my Etsy shop that fall.

I have a passion for designing for all of life’s celebrations, from baby showers and party invitations to thank you notes and party decor. I’m also a big fan of personalizing life and you’ll find that in the many Wood Handle & Self-Inking Stamps in the shop.  In addition to my shop, you can also find my designs being sold by the web retailer, Minted.

What’s in a name?

My husband and I have a love of all things beer.  The passion only grew after a wonderful trip to Europe a few years ago.  We toured Brussels and Brugge in Belgium and threw in a side trip to Amsterdam.  The Belgians are world renowned for their beer making talent and my husband and I spent a lot of time soaking up that talent on our trip.

It was soon after that trip that my husband and I dreamed of a life brewing beer ourselves.  Over, what else, a beer we began to brainstorm on what we should call this little venture.  We decided that the name of the brewery should be unique, be personal to us both, and have a little story.  We came up with Square View Brewery.  Why you might ask?  Location, location, location.  We weren’t married yet and we were living different neighborhoods of Chicago.  Me, in Lincoln Square and he in the Lakeview.  We combined the two and came up with Square View Brewery.

The brewery is still getting off the ground, but the name is alive and well.  Thank you for visiting Squareview Studios!